Ventilator Circuit S.W.T. on port Y piece Adult

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Product Overview

A breathing system or breathing circuit is a medical device used to deliver oxygen, remove carbon dioxide, and deliver inhalational anaesthetic agents to a patient. The ventilator circuit refers to the tubing that connects the ventilator to a patient, as well as any device that is connected to the circuit tubing. The most common devices include heaters and humidifiers, filters, suction catheters, and therapeutic aerosol generators (nebulizers and inhalers). The ventilator circuit is used to deliver gas from a positive pressure ventilator to the patient. It is typically comprised of tubing that is 22 mm of inside diameter, but can be smaller for neonatal and pediatric circuits. 

The water trap feature helps protect the patient and the machine, and helps lower the possible infection risk by accumulating condensation. With this Coaxial Breathing Circuit, a patient’s exhaled breath acts as a thermal wrap to maintain temperature and humidity.

Mechanical ventilation often functions as a supportive measure for patients during acute illness.

- It helps to take away the patient's breathing effort provides the required amount of breathing gas and ensuring oxygenation to the patient

- Ventilator Circuit with Fixed Elbow: 22 mm male / female parallel connector.

- Ventilator Circuit with Filter: Provided with Heat moisture exchanger Bacteria / Viral filter.

- It helps in giving bacteria-free air to the patient.

- Ventilator Circuit With Single Water Trap & Double Water Trap: 22 mm male and 15 mm female Angle connector with Luer port.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review