Infusion Pump 301

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Product Overview

An infusion pump infuses fluids, medication or nutrients into a patient's circulatory system. It is generally used intravenously, although subcutaneous, arterial and epidural infusions are occasionally used. An infusion pump is a medical device that delivers fluids, such as nutrients and medications, into a patient’s body in controlled amounts. Infusion pumps are in widespread use in clinical settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, and in the home.

Product Description:
  • Display: 4.3” Colour LED with Touch Screen
  • Power Supply
  • AC: 110 V ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • DC: 12V
  • Battery Life: Approx. 09 Hours (at 25ml /h flow rate with new fully charged battery)
  • Charging Time < 5 hours
  • Flow Rate: 0.01 ~ 1200ml/h
  • Flow Rate Accuracy: ±5%
  • VTBI: 0 ~ 9999ml
  • Dose rate Units: More than 15 types
  • Can automatically calculate concentration.
  • With Purge and Titration Support
  • Bolus Setting:
  • Manual Bolus
  • Programmable Bolus
  • KVO Rate: 0.01 ~ 5.0ml/h
  • 7 Infusion modes
  • With Relay mode, Micro Mode and Standby mode with 0 ~ 23 hour 59 mins adjustable
  • Brightness and Alarm volume are adjustable
  • Alarms: VTBI near end, VTBI infused, Pressure high, Battery nearly empty, Battery empty, No Power Supply, Remainder alarm, and KVO Finished, Check Upstream, Drops error, Air Bubble, Door Open, Stand by time expired, System error.
  • 12 Level of Occlusion
  • Automatic Anti- bolus function.
  • Records more than 5000 entries & with more than 2000 Drug Library
  • Mini USB interface in order to transfer data from Syringe Pump into PC
  • IrDA Supported
  • Classification: Class I, CF
  • Water proof Standard: IP 24
  • Machine Weight: 1.6Kg
  • Wi-Fi connection (Optional)
  • DERS ( Drug error reduction system)
  • Long run time battery with approx. 9 Hours battery backup
  • Intuitive Operating System
  • Screen can be Locked

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review